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As grooving specialist since 1989, we base our development on innovation and quality, in order to meet your requirements to the letter and to provide you with the best possible service.

To do this, we have developed specific, high-performance grooving machines.

We are a pioneer and leader in each of these three activities :

  1. Concrete grooving and scarification:

We were the first to develop and use a self-propelled grooving machine, in 1997.

In 1999, we brought out a 2nd generation grooving machine with a 130 hp power unit and equipped with a telescopic arm.

We have continued to develop the machines and are currently working on the 3rd generation machines, with 170 H.P. power unit.

  1. Slatted floor grooving:

We developed a 160-horsepower slat grooving machine with 3 axles to distribute the machine's weight.

A set of diamond discs grooves a 1 metre width per pass.

  1. Channel for automatic scraper:
An exclusive channelling machine combines two cutting systems: a diamond disc cutting system and a carbide cutting system. This innovative technique has been patented.
Vermot | Bramley, Tadley, Hants, RG26 5BP - England