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Concrete grooving

Grooving is the most commonly used non-slip technique in the dairy farming world.

Characteristics of the grooving
Grooves are 10 to 13 mm deep, 18 mm wide and are spaced 55 mm apart. They are cut in a single direction, tailored to the type of building and cow traffic. We use a sawing grooving technique where the concrete is gradually cut by high-speed rotors (1500 rpm), working the concrete regularly and gradually.
These grooves will stop animals' hooves sliding for many years, while keeping their comfort level high.

  • Simple, fast site preparation
  • Highly effective for many years
  • Grooving tailored to your site
  • Easy to clean
  • Animal comfort
12 tooth steel cutters with carbide tips are arranged on a 6-spindle rotor. These impact on the concrete with high and constant frequency, The speed of rotation (1500 rpm) means that the grooving technique is closer to sawing than to chipping.

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