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Concrete scarification

Scarification differs from grooving in that the concrete is scoured over its entire surface area. It is recommended in specific cases (narrow sloping corridors, float smoothed concrete, etc.) or in addition to existing grooving.

Characteristics of the scarification process
This process produces little ridges very close together. The concrete is partially splintered, giving it a very rough appearance. By scouring the slippery film, your concrete gets back its non-slip characteristic. Scarification also levels the concrete.

  • Simple, fast site preparation
  • Ideal technique for highly glazed and/or already grooved concretes
  • Levels the surface
  • Safe, comfortable floor for your animals
  • Can be grooved later once the scarification effect has worn away

A cylinder with carbide teeth counter rotates at 600 rpm as the machine advances. The teeth penetrate the surface of the concrete by 3 to 4 mm scouring the glazed surface. The concrete splinters superficially, and since the teeth are aligned, little ridges are created.

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