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Our services - Introduction

A slippery concrete floor or slatted floor causes a range of problems for your herd :

  • Falls causing injury, that can lead to culling the animal
  • Problems for heat detection
  • Reluctance of cattle to move to feed and drink
  • Stress for animals.and  breeders
  • Reduced hoof wear.

To combat these slippery floor problems, we offer various solutions adapted to your type of concrete (solid slab or slatted) areas, and to suit your requirements.

Whatever the technique used, your animals will get a non-slip, safe surface lasting many years, instilling calm in your herd. The natural wear of hooves will be improved, animals mounting each other without risk will make for easier heat detection.

  • Much cheaper than rubber mats
  • Longer lasting than the traditional shallow grooves
  • Cleaning the concrete remains simple
  • Animal welfare and safety improved
  • Savings in, time, energy and money
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